Swim Team

Swim Team


Yearly registration fee $75

$150 for the months of: May – October

$125 for the months of: November – April

There is no resident discount for swim team. A $10 discount will be applied per sibling.

 (example: 1st child $150, 2nd child $140, 3rd child, $130)


The swim team runs five days a week and provides intense competitive swim training for children 18 and under.  Each session starts at 4pm and runs hourly until 6pm. During these hours swimmers will go through sets designed by the head coach to improve stroke technique, endurance, and speed.

Swimmers compete during the summer with other local cabana swim teams in the Silicon Valley. During the rest of the year, coaches hold time trials to continue to monitor and track the student’s personal bests.


  • 1 lap of proficient freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly
  • A freestyle flip turn, and backstroke flip turn, and an open turn(breaststroke to breaststroke)
  • A standard racing dive

The final decision is up to the Head Coach as to who may be a good fit for the swim team and who may not be ready yet. Pre-competitive swim training is recommended for less developed swimmers and those interested in joining swim team.

Tryouts are on during Swim Team hours (see “about” section)

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns regarding swim team.